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Returning a Leased Car to Victory Honda of San Bruno

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Can you return a leased car early? We’ve helped numerous San Bruno drivers to do just that. Sometimes they just want to end their lease, but often they’re eager to move on to a new Honda automobile. We go into the details below regarding the process for returning a leased car. We’ll also talk about how to go about returning a leased car early.



Can You Return a Leased Car Early?

So, you’ve liked driving your leased car, but you’ve seen a new Honda model you would really like to drive. But, there’s still some time left on your lease. Can you return a leased car early? Absolutely, plenty of our San Francisco customers have done that quite easily. Pre-owned cars that have recently come out of a lease are in high demand right now, so we’ve instituted the Early Lease Termination program. We want your leased car, and we’ll help you get into a new one to get it. That means offering you a substantial trade-in value towards the new vehicle and allowing you to terminate your lease early with no penalty fees.

What if You Want to Buy the Car You’re Currently Leasing?

What if your lease is coming to an end, and you’ve decided you’d like to buy your car instead of returning it or swapping for a new one? Just let us know you want to buy it, and our finance department will work out the paperwork. Returning a leased car isn’t even necessary in this case. Just follow these steps:

  • Check out our Victory Honda Specials.
  • Negotiate a price.
  • Allow time for the payment and paperwork to be processed.

Returning a Leased Car and Swapping for a New One

  • Check out our Honda lease specials.
  • Browse our new car inventory and pick your new ride.
  • Make an appointment for your return inspection ahead of the end of the lease so you can fix any issues.
  • Pick up your new car.

Just Returning a Leased Car Without Upgrading

  • Make an appointment for your return inspection ahead of the end of the lease so you can fix any issues.
  • Make an appointment to return your lease.
  • Fill out any required paperwork.
  • Pay any required fees or penalties.

Let Our Finance Department Walk You Through Your Options

Victory Honda of San Bruno takes all the stress out of leasing and returning a lease. Are you debating whether buying or leasing is best for you? We can help with that, too! We’re conveniently located near both Oakland and Hayword, so drop by or contact us today.


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